Struggling With Infertility?

I see individual clients as well as couples struggling through the pain of infertility.

Infertility is a unique trauma. All of a sudden, you and your partner are handed a struggle you may have never seen coming. Your friends are all getting pregnant, and may even be on their second babies. No one knows how to even talk to you at baby showers or BBQs where kids are all around you. Alone at home, you feel devastated and angry, and then furious at yourself for not being "less stressed" so the next cycle has a better chance of working. My approach in working with you is with the grief, and the sometimes very distant hope, of the infertility process. 

With infertility, there are always more questions than answers. We can talk about the pain of egg retrieval, the miserable puffiness and irritability that comes with shots, and the heartache over only having two eggs viable to use, but our work is with the emotional pain of infertility. Some people just want to come in for individual support, and others want to come in as a couple to stay connected during this difficult time. Either one is fine with me.