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What is The 50/50 Project?

The 50/50 Project is born out of my desire to make quality couples counseling more accessible for couples who find it difficult to pay full private rates.


  • Each 75 minute couples session is $50 (regular rate is $140)
  • Other than the price, every aspect of couples therapy is exactly the same. With each couple I see I talk through frequency of appointments, how long therapy might last, and any other questions they might have.
  • There are 5 spots available. Once the maximum is hit I will start a wait list for clients, however there is no guarantee for when the next spot will become available.
  • All regular appointment cancellation restrictions apply - there is a 24 hour appointment cancellation policy required or the client is charged the cost of the full session. After three last minute cancellations, the client may be referred elsewhere.


  • This is for couples who cannot afford to pay more than $50/session and it works on the honor system. If a full-fee price is the reason you have not sought out couples therapy, my hope is that this rate opens a door.

Restrictions/Legal Stuff:

  • This is not a guarantee I will automatically see you for couples therapy. If there is a therapeutic reason not to see you, or I think you need to see someone with different qualifications than I have, I will follow all appropriate protocols. 
  • No person is guaranteed a counseling appointment based on this flyer.