Relationships don’t have to be so confusing

I want you to feel
less frustrated, less helpless, and more empowered

But it will take hard work,
and confronting pain you have been avoiding

Wouldn’t be great if when you were in high school they gave you relationship classes alongside all the other stuff you’re supposed to learn?

We spend a lot of time reading and learning about business, finance, politics, health, but we spend almost no time intentionally learning how relationships work, and how we can be better at them.

That seems strange to me, since almost every aspect of our world is, actually, based on relationships.

We can be pretty good at the beginning of relationships - but as relationships become long-term, and more complex, we find ourselves getting stuck in conflict, shocked by endings, and incredibly frustrated with why relationships are so confusing and infuriating.

I truly do think most conflict is understandable, and most relationships are repairable, if we get to the deeper layers. It takes way more than using good communication tools. It takes an exploration of ourselves.